Megan Lindsey, a 200 hr certified registered yoga instructor with the National Yoga Alliance (NYA). She began practicing yoga after seeing the healing changes in her best friend who healed her physical body with yoga. 

For over 10 years Megan Lindsey has been practicing yoga and transitioned into teaching when she discovered many of her beauty clients were unable to make the changes in their personal skin health due to being over medicated, suffering from stress, anxiety and living an unhealthy lifestyle. 

Megan Lindsey, an engaging and inspiring teacher, is passionate about assisting others to connect themselves and their body to create a life filled with beauty, health and wellness. 

Megan Lindsey's teaching style focuses on deep stretching (Yin tradition), while increasing flexibility and movement in the body. She creates classes to assist students in gently opening the body in a safe manner. Classes always incorporate mindful guided meditation techniques and breathing exercises in a non-intimidating way to release stress, sharpen focus and allow the body to transform.


Athletes, Yogis of all levels and those looking for a new way to refocus their energies while connecting their mind and body.  


Private Yoga Sessions
Corporate Yoga & Meditation
Group Classes
Breathing Classes
Prenatal Yoga



Yoga Teacher Training 200hr
Prenatal Yoga 8 hr CE

Continued Education and Workshops:

Understanding the Pelvis
Vaginal Tone and Pelvic Floor Strengthening
How to Create a Conscious Relationship
Gong Meditation and Tibetan Bowls
Tantra 101- Deepen Your Mind Body Connection
Intuitive Healing Practices and Energy Techniques 
Mastering the Art of Self Love
Essential Guide to Sparking Your Erotic Intelligence